TDI Climatology

This is an internal TDI product.
The purpose is to provide information about the expected monthly sea state conditions.
Any questions or requests can be directed to Dr. Les Bender at 979.696.3634 or email

OCS A-0501 North
OCS-A 0537
OCS-A 0538
Orsted SJW02
Orsted OCW02
Santa Marta Colombia
OCS A-0522
VNE 522 ECR Midpoint
VNE 522 & 544 ECR Long Beach NY Shore Landing
OCS A-0544
VNE 544 ECR1 Midpoint
VNE 544 ECR2 Midpoint
VNE 544 ECR2 Asbury Park NJ Shore Landing
Staatsolie Suriname MBES-SGE Seep Program

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