TDI Sea State
Gyre Chaguaramas to Port Arthur Passage
Latitude: 27.50 N Longitude: 92.23 W
Position is valid as of 10/29/21 @ 03:17:58 am College Station time.
ETA is Sunday 31-Oct-2021 @ 00:00
Transit time is 1.9 days at mean speed of 3.12 kts
Remaining distance is 142 nm

TDI Brooks McCall Gyre Proteus Emma McCall
3rd Party
Beacon GOM WR51 GT US Wind Maryland Wind Farm US Wind MetOcean Buoy Harbor of Refuge
Chesapeake Bay Entrance Atlantic City BP Senegal YT Offshore BP Senegal YT Nearshore
Williams LNYBL Pipeline Priority Area 1 TABS Buoy B TABS Buoy R TABS Buoy K
TABS Buoy X Gyre Chaguaramas to Port Arthur Passage

Vessel Speed
Wave Heights
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Wave Periods
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Ocean Winds
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Surface Currents
Surface Salinity
Surface Pressure
Now 24 48 72 96
Air Temperature
Now 24 48 72 96
Regional Wave Periods
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