TDI Sea State
Gyre Freeport to Chaguaramas Passage
Latitude: 11.90 N Longitude: 62.41 W
Position is valid as of 08/03/21 @ 02:53:47 am College Station time.
ETA is Wednesday 04-Aug-2021 @ 06:00
Transit time is 1.2 days at mean speed of 3.03 kts
Remaining distance is 85 nm

TDI Brooks McCall Gyre Proteus Emma McCall
3rd Party
BHP Calypso T&T Export Pipeline BHP Calypso T&T AUV Geotech US Wind Maryland Wind Farm US Wind MetOcean Buoy
Harbor of Refuge Chesapeake Bay Entrance Atlantic City TABS Buoy B
TABS Buoy R TABS Buoy K TABS Buoy X Gyre Freeport to Chaguaramas Passage

Vessel Speed
Wave Heights
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Wave Periods
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Ocean Winds
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Surface Currents
Surface Salinity
Surface Pressure
Now 24 48 72 96
Air Temperature
Now 24 48 72 96
Passage Forecast: 4.50 kts along voyage plan route
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