TDI Sea State
Proteus Fourchon to Talos Rigolets GT Passage
Latitude: 28.99 N Longitude: 90.12 W
Departure: 03-Apr-2023 08:00
ETA: 03-Apr-2023 20:48:19
Transit time is 12.8 hours at mean speed of 6.47 kts
Remaining distance is 83 nm

TDI Brooks McCall Gyre Proteus Emma McCall
3rd Party
OCS-A 0538 OCS-A 0544 Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Talos GOM Viosca Knoll Rigolets GT TABS Buoy B
TABS Buoy R TABS Buoy K TABS Buoy X Proteus Fourchon to Talos Rigolets GT Passage

Vessel Speed
Wave Heights
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Wave Periods
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Ocean Winds
Regional 5-day Passage Forecast
Surface Currents
Regional Wave Periods
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